Mother Earth is shedding her skin,
and human consciousness is on the cusp of its next great evolutionary leap.

As an Oracle, my purpose to be of service during this Time of Transition as both a catalyst for spiritual growth and personal transformation, and as a clear channel for guidance and healing energies from Spirit. While this is a phenomenally exciting time to be alive, it is no doubt a turbulent one — and what it demands of us is the shedding of our old skins, so that we may participate in the birth of an entirely new paradigm of Being.

Therefore, as we move through these accelerating and often times destabilizing shifts, it is more important than ever that we all have resources we can draw upon to assist our soul’s healing and growth. Due to the holographic nature of our Universe, as each and every one of us does our part by doing this sacred inner work, we powerfully contribute to the healing of the Collective — and the Earth — as a whole. Evolution is exponential. You matter, and your healing matters!  

We are remembering to live Mythically.

As someone who works as both a TV writer in Hollywood and an Oracle in the spiritual arts, my passion is bridging my background in heart-centered, mythic storytelling with this transformational inner work. By using a variety of healing modalities such as intuitive tarot, reiki, and the Akashic Records, I assist my clients in getting to the core of their issues that are blocking them from actualizing their goals and dreams, hold space for their healing and reflection, and remind them how to connect to their own inner guidance during times of upheaval and transition. But most of all, I seek to inspire and empower my clients to embody their higher selves, hold a vision for their purpose-driven future, and consciously bring it into form — to write a new story. My philosophy is that in every moment we have an opportunity to leave all those old stories that no longer serve us behind — and in doing so, create space to weave new ones. It’s time to dream a new world into being.