The Collective Shadow Purge Continues, Closing Out Long Running Cycles • Major Cosmic Heart Chakra Activation • Powerful Time for Manifestation Have the Courage to Face Your Fears Evolve by Making Tangible Life Changes • Embrace the Mystery • Have Patience with the Process of Your Transformation

root: sunstone | sacral: bloodstone | solar plexus: lapis lazuli | heart: clear quartz | throat: chrysocolla | 3rd eye: cataclacite  

For full context of the energies this cycle, please read the New Moon in Purva Bhadrapada update. Those energies will still be very much at play until the next New Moon on April 11th.

The Full Moon on March 28th is in Hasta nakshatra, which is symbolized by the Hand. This asterism sits entirely in sidereal Virgo and has everything to do with manifesting one’s desires into this material earthly reality, as its Shakti is the “power to put desires into one’s hand.” In the wake of the New Moon in Purva Bhadrapada’s fiery power that precipitates intense transformations within and without, it’s likely for many a path has been cleared for these desired manifestations to come in — or at the very least, it’s granted you greater clarity on what those desires actually are and now the work can begin on bringing them into more a tangible form. The energy of this time is very much akin to the Magician in the Tarot — one who has purified their channel through spiritual practices and aligned their will with the Divine Will, which then grants them the ability to manipulate consciousness and reality and manifest the Great Work. Lean into what it is you can control (yourself and your actions) versus what you cannot (other people) in this time to yield the best results.

As I was tapping into the energies the first thing I heard was “rise up.” It’s time to open our hearts and gather together in the pursuit of higher causes. There is also power in numbers here when it comes to supporting those who are feeling called to speak their truth publicly. I also heard the words “collect call.” Since this Full Moon is activating the collective throat chakra it feels like speaking truths and exposures, as well as important heart-to-heart conversations will continue to be a major theme. This to me specifically feels like it is time for the collective to make stronger demands for what it is we deserve on a collective level — and for those who have hoarded the power and wealth to be the ones who pay for it. There is a definite vibe of breaking free from restriction and stagnation on all levels — both externally and in self imposed ways, having gone through the fire so to speak. This is also likely being triggered by this Moon’s activation of the cosmic heart chakra which is generating a deeper capacity for love and service, both to yourself and to those around you. I also heard the words “job well done.” Many may be experiencing pats on the back, congratulations, words of affirmation, and even tangible level ups connected to past performance of a high quality. This may also be connected to material manifestations finally coming in that are a result of a long period of inner work. In general there is also a vibe of memories from the past resurfacing. For some this may be connected to the ongoing theme of collective shadow transmutation of the root chakra that will be continuing throughout the waning moon period. Alternatively it may be that when these manifestations come in or through your involvement in group work you are reminded of how far you have come on your path. Celebrate your progress however big or small, expected or unexpected, in a way that nourishes you and supports you for the road ahead.

It’s worth noting that a lot of this initial channeling came in clairaudiently, which indicates that the Full Moon’s activation of the collective throat chakra may precipitate greater telepathy and clairaudient skills in those who are spiritually developing in this way. It may also activate latent talents or inclinations towards music, singing, writing, and other forms of creative self expression (with Hasta this is especially potent for things having to do with creating things tangibly with your hands). 

3 of Wands and 7 of Wands reversed appears for the Masculine. The energy of self reflection and introspection continues from the New Moon reading which emphasized this theme, as 3 of Wands indicates there has been tangible growth in this area, but there is still a need to go within to get clear on what it is he wants going forward and the concrete steps he needs to take to get there. This is an energy of planning in that respect. There is also also a desire to tap into multidimensionality and otherwise prioritize inner exploration in the face of intense energies in the outer reality. This is a solid place to be in the wake of last reading’s Hierophant vibe with ushered in a chapter of heavy awakening. It’s important to continue to prioritize spiritual practices, meditation, etc. and really lean into that energy in order to deal with drama happening in the outer reality and within the mind. With 7 of Wands reversed it’s likely many Masculines are still feeling the burn and that they are on the defense of a losing battle. This is because layers of the false self are being broken down by the light of the truth and so this is a battle that is not meant to be “won.” Unless you are certain that you are fighting for a just cause against toxic masculine forces from a place of divine neutrality and integration (as I touched on with the “rise up” vibes), lay down your weapons without and seek the truth within instead of wasting energy trying to cling on to an old identity. Resistance is futile when it comes to the toxic masculine energies of the world continuing to exist in the ways they have in the past. While this egoic death is uncomfortable to experience, there is a knowing within many masculines that this is serving their highest evolution. Lean into that and embrace your transformation.

The Moon and Strength reversed appears for the Feminine. This heralds a time of profound testing and initiation for the Feminine as she is asked to transmute deep shadows within the self and face her fears without. I mentioned in the previous reading that the collective shadow drain would likely peak and intensify more around the Full Moon and waning moon period and this is basically what that looks like to me in the cards. For those on a shamanic path and/or doing extensive gridwork around the collective shadow especially it is imperative that you lean on your spiritual support at this time and trust your intuition and where it’s guiding you. Feminines in general will likely be feeling extra sensitive emotionally and in the physical body so self care is key. Remember that Spirit never gives you anything you can’t handle and that you have the strength to see this process through. Magic and mystery are in the air as greater clarity will be coming to you in this time, though it may paradoxically only add to the greater mystery. There is a definite “going down the rabbit hole” vibe of surreality and weirdness at play that may make people go “uhhhhh WHAT?” The simulation is breaking. Pay close attention to your dreams as many will be transmuting a hefty amount in the dream state and you may get some deep codes from there that can be helpful in your process. To see the Moon card pop up in this Full Moon reading to me indicates the themes of Purva Bhadrapada & Hasta are going to be particularly relevant for the Feminine in this latter half of the cycle. Hasta is also a Moon-ruled nakshatra, so if you are particularly sensitive to the Moon’s energies, it may be worth it to you to keep track of its movements through the nakshatras for the rest of the waning moon period, as this may prove helpful in your process. The next New Moon is in Revati, the 27th and final nakshatra. So there is a bit of a “final countdown” vibe coming through with this here. But overall, this is a time to take heart-centered action on your dreams despite the fears and uncertainties that are trying to hold you back, and to lean into the infinite possibilities available to you in the unknown.

Astatine appears from the Prima Materia deck as the connecting energy between the Masculine and Feminine. This card has everything to do with the energy of mystery and the great unknown. It seems that we are collectively on the precipice of an entirely unprecedented time where the only way through is to embrace the reality of constant change. It’s also a card of imagination and spirit, which again speaks to the limitless possibilities found in the unknown and how we are being called to lean into the power of our visionary capacity to bring forth entirely new paradigms of being into physical form. 

6 of Cups reversed and Bear reversed appear for the incoming energy. With the 6 of Cups reversed this speaks to the vibe that I mentioned in the channeling of of memories from the past resurfacing to be processed and cleared. This may even be memories from past lives. Take care to witness and unconditionally love what arises but to not cling onto what has been. There is a letting go that needs to happen here. This card also suggests that in the wake of the shadow purge we have been going through there is a liberation of sexual energy happening, particularly in Feminine energy people (though it can apply to anyone) as this has to do with being unbound from the vampirism of patriarchal control matrices. Take care to direct this sexual energy in ways that will serve you and your goals and not deplete you or leave you scattered. This is the lesson the unconscious feminine must learn in order to clear any hooks that unconscious masculine energies can use to lock into her field. This card also suggests an overall emphasis on the emotional body. Consider taking extra spiritual baths, stay hydrated, and consider other ways you can take advantage of the water element to assist in your healing. Bear reversed signifies that the impulse to come out of hibernation is there but it is going to take some willpower to get the momentum going. This is a great time to gently but firmly challenge yourself to align more with your truth in a tangible way, especially when it comes to cultivating new routines and structures in order to facilitate your new beginning. Bear is also connected to dreams. Take care to cultivate a healthy sleep schedule and write down your dreams to track your progress and messages you may receive that are important on your path. A great remedy for this energy reversed is physical exercise. Take walks in nature to ground or start back up in your yoga practice or something like that to counter any inclinations towards sloth and stagnancy.

Emptiness from the Galactic Heritage deck and Transformation from the Beyond Lemuria deck appear as incoming energy for the Masculine. Emptiness is the final card in this deck, so this is a potent time for the Masculine as he closes major, long-running cycles out in his experience. This is the grand finale of polarity integration where all opposites become neutralized. It’s likely through his inner process greater self awareness is crystallizing which is precipitating these tangible endings, though outer reality events likely catalyzed him into it all at the beginning of the cycle. Due to the immensity of the ego death and layer shedding it’s likely he will start to feel much lighter as the waning moon goes on, though the transformation is ongoing. Those who are in resistance to this process may be inclined to identify with the dark and gloomy feeling of being “like nothing,” whereas those who understand its value will embrace becoming No-thing. Some Masculines may be experiencing such heightened states of consciousness like Samadhi, or they may start to feel like Neo waking up in the Matrix or something. Your mileage may vary lol. Either way, this is a powerful transformation. The Masculine is evolving because the Goddess demands it. 

Primal Fear from the Galactic Heritage deck and Trust Your Innocence from the Beyond Lemuria deck appear as incoming energies for the Feminine. Like I touched upon with the previous cards, the Feminine is facing her fears and a lot will be surfacing and/or triggered to be purged in this area. Become fearless by acknowledging that love is the truth. Understand that this experience is midwifing your transformation into a warrior. Step courageously into the unknown and trust in yourself and your inner guidance from the heart, which is not the same as fear-based paranoia. Remember that not everything that comes up is the actual reality of the situation. But at the same time, this is a time for radical self-honesty so be real with yourself. It is also signifying a major cycle ending as this card is number 28 which reduces to 10 which reduces to 1. So there is a connection to be made here in which the Feminine’s shadow work around her fears is directly fueling the Masculine’s awakening and polarity integration. The Emptiness card is 108 in the deck, which is a sacred number has a deep connection to the Moon card as well. So it’s likely the Masculine will be feeling a lot of this fear stuff arise within his own inner Feminine. It’s also worth it to consider how all of this applies to the a Masculine within yourself and how any relationships in your life are reflecting this dynamic. But most of all, it’s important lean into self care of the nervous system and spiritual practices.

Blossoming & Rose Pink Dragon appear as overall messages encouraging us to be patient with and radically trust the process of our transformation, as we are only just getting started in our new beginnings. Lean into self love and open up to the love of others and of the universe as the Cosmic Heart chakra is strongly activated and opened in the Collective. Practice giving and receiving, as Hasta has a lot to do with this aspect of the Cosmic Heart. Get clear on your desires and intentions for your new start, and remember that you have the power to create your own reality. This is a powerful time for manifestations of all kinds, and it’s likely that as we approach the New Moon in Revati on April 11, there will be an epic “phoenix rising from the ashes vibe” in the air.