Tonight’s Full Moon is in Swati, the Self-Going Star located in Sidereal Libra. The shakti of this star is the “power to scatter like the wind and transform,” and its influence is bringing in the winds of change, as it is ruled by the deity Vayu, the God of Wind and father of the god Hanuman (whose birthday is celebrated on this day as Hanuman Jayanti). Swati is a nakshatra of independence, and so it’s only natural that the 9 of Pentacles popped out twice as I was shuffling one of my tarot decks, as this card speaks to an overall theme right now of leaning into independence, self sufficiency, and prosperity in order to form the best and strongest connections with others. This may mean shedding old ways and connections that have been preventing you from fully embodying that. But it may also mean that by doing so you then attract more like-hearted connections to you, as Libra, ruled by Venus, deals with relationships and connections of all kinds, and how to best navigate the exchanges of energy that take place in relationships (and the marketplace) to achieve balance and equanimity. In other words, this is about being your best self on your own wavelength, and allowing the universe to send who is meant to be on your wavelength with you, to you — or if you feel inspired, to initiate connections to those who you feel intuitively are on your wavelength. 

The New Moon in Revati (Sidereal Pisces) in the heavy gandanta point initiated a lunation cycle of deep karmic endings, and highlighted the collective sacral chakra, and cosmic throat and third eye chakras for activation and clearing. Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces is now in Aquarius highlighting the need to expand our knowledge and efforts into higher humanitarian causes for the greater good of the world, and so these karmic endings are being driven so that we can all meaningfully show up for this in whatever way we are meant to next. This Full Moon in Swati brings in the influence of the collective heart chakra and cosmic solar plexus chakra to harmonize those vibes and distill them into heart-centered action. Swati is like the bridge from the cosmic heart to the cosmic solar plexus, so this is putting an emphasis on having the courage to live independently in the wake of these endings and to go after our destined new beginnings through embodiment of right action that is in alignment with the heart’s wisdom. In short, the New Moon in Revati has already cleared a path –it’s up to you to take those first steps onto it now. 

Swati is heavily influenced by the Air element and the need for movement. Matters of communication and potentially even travel or moving locations are highlighted. Freedom of movement and travel is emerging in particular as a big theme in the collective. The question is, how do we reconcile this with the blocks so many are facing in the ongoing and undeniable reality of COVID? Despite the ongoing vaccination efforts (whether you subscribe to this as being legitimate or not), surges are still raging in many areas of the world and we will not be be clear of this energy for a year and some change at least. So there is some rising tension here as everyone is growing tired of the restrictions, but just because you are tired of them doesn’t make them magically go away. To cope with any restless energy you may be feeling, it will be key to find ways to move this energy by either traveling on the inner planes through things like meditation, shamanic journeying, etc., or by finding undiscovered gems in your local area that you can venture to safely. Swati ultimately wants to transform, so this isn’t about movement for the sake of movement, or communication for the sake of communication. Make your moves intentionally with a sense of firm direction to best bring forth the highest results. Just because you could go anywhere doesn’t mean you should.

Swati is a Rahu ruled nakshatra in the Vimshottari dasha system, which means that while eclipse season does not officially begin until the new moon in Krittika on May 11th (the first eclipse being the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Anuradha on May 26th), the influence of Rahu will be heavy, and will essentially be setting up the chess board for how things are going to kick off and play out during eclipse season proper. Rahu’s current transit in Rohini (Taurus) is putting an ambitious emphasis on things like food/diet (especially beef), home, emotional security, growth, and creative projects. See your Taurus house placement, Rahu placement, Venus placement, and Libra house placement for more on how all of these themes are specifically activating in your life. It also feels important to note that Venus is currently transiting Bharani in Sidereal Aries, which is reinvigorating passion through transformation and realignment with Dharma. This is a great time for a Yoni steam for those who have yonis, as well as ritually engaging in sense pleasures to connect to a higher consciousness for the purposes of spiritual purification and detoxification. Even better if you can do this with an aligned partner.

Lastly (before I get to the cards), as I am tapping in intuitively, intimacy through vulnerability comes through strong. I am shown this through the image of Hanuman opening his chest to reveal the image of Rama and Sita (Masculine and Feminine principles) in his heart. Hanuman embodies the pinnacle of devotion to order through the balance of the masculine and feminine energies. He does this by destroying all those who are in defiance of this through his allegiance to Lord Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu the preserver, as he himself is an incarnation of Shiva, the destroyer. My dreams and visions have indicated that we are now seeing an emergence of a purified Divine Masculine energy after a series of deep serpent initiations that began in February (which was also shown to me through dreams). Many Masculine energy people have been purified through this pressure into diamonds, and are now in a position to come into their full power by assuming greater responsibility as stewards of this Earth and consorts to Divine Feminine energies who are also in their power. This is showing a younger generation how to be in right alignment with Masculine energy by witnessing not only the successful navigation through these initiations, but the subsequent modeling of aligned behavior and personal integrity in the face of increasingly dark unconscious Masculine energy revelations. 

Knight of Pentacles and 4 of Cups reversed appears for the Masculine. This indicates that this Full Moon and waning moon period will be ushering in a time of steady practical progress towards that which he has finally decided deep within is the opportunity that will provide him his ultimate evolution. While the fast paced and changeable energy of Swati may make him feel like he wants to rush through the process, the Knight of Pentacles advises a slow and steady approach in order to lay the best foundation within and without. Consistency is key — better to chip away at the work a little bit every day than wait until the last second and try to do everything at once. The 4 of Cups reversed indicates that decisions of the heart have been made in order to pave the way for long much needed change. It’s important to not be in resistance to taking the worldly actions needed to facilitate this change in the material reality and get distracted by what is old news or inconsequential to where it is you are going next. Again this is about following the heart’s guidance towards what is going to be the greatest agent of your transformation and evolution. If this remains unclear to you then continue steadily doing the inner work until the revelation emerges from within. The 4 of Cups often indicates that there has been something that has been overlooked that the Universe has offered you, but that you either haven’t been paying attention, turned it down before, or were otherwise apathetic to its presence in the favor of other things. The ammonite is an ancient animal, so the issue at hand may be an old one. The solution may too be rooted in something or someone from the past. In any case this energy asks us to learn from our history so that we are not doomed to repeat the same cycle as before (which in this case may very well be missing an opportunity), so we can elevate to the next level.

Death reversed and 7 of Cups appear for the Feminine. The New Moon in Revati Gandanta point earlier this month kicked off an energy of major karmic endings that will be permeating throughout this cycle. This Full Moon comes in to say that we are cresting the wave and will be pushing ourselves through the birth canal into new life. Pay close attention to Venus’s transit through Bharani (symbolized by the yoni) as this nakshatra is ruled by Yama, the God of Death. Your Aries house likely has clues as to where this transformation is taking place, as well as your Taurus and Libra houses. Relationships of all kinds in general are experiencing profound transformations as well, as well as desires and matters connected to finances. I had a particularly potent dream about the phenomenon of parthenogenesis several days ago that feels very much in line with this energy coming through for the Feminine, which is that she is giving birth to her new self autonomously/independently, without having been penetrated by a Masculine energy force. This reproduction of the self through a high level of spiritual alignment is what has allowed for the emergence of the purified Divine Masculine energy, as it is through her dedication to higher truth that she commands his attention through her cultivation of spiritual magnetism. The 7 of Cups asks the Feminine to maintain her focus on her spiritual pursuits and her heart’s truest desire, and disregard all other distractions that may be siphoning her energy needlessly. By doing so she will effectively midwife herself through this rebirth into a brand new self, and magnetize all that she needs to her effortlessly through her embodiment of the Goddess.

Gallium appears as the connecting energy between the Masculine and the Feminine. This card embodies the energy of the Fool in the tarot, the archetype of someone who is ready to take that leap of faith into a new and exciting adventure in life. To me this indicates that the newly purified Divine Masculine is approaching the Feminine with an air of confidence despite the great unknown that awaits him on the other side. This is because he knows he is moving in the direction of his Destiny. In this image the man is offering up a sphere, a sphere that is in the exact same shape as the sphere in the center of the Death card in this particular deck (Oriens Tarot) around which 2 fish swim (representing the energy of Revati, the final nakshatra). This is the seed of a new life he is planting by coming forward. It is advisable for the Masculine to take those leaps of faith from the heart and for the Feminine to be in receptivity to all aligned offers and new beginnings that are emerging in her experience at this time. In general, this is an energy of acting from inspiration and intuition rather than the overly logical mind. Throw caution to the wind become the wind itself, and travel in the direction of your highest destiny. The image of the man on this card is also highly reminiscent of the image of Hanuman carrying and entire mountain in the palm of his hand (pictured above). Believe in the impossible, which Hanuman does again and again in the Ramayana — and watch yourself do just that.

Hive Mind, 10 of Cups, Bear reversed, and Freedom appear as powerful incoming energy. The relationship of this Death reversed energy and 4 of Cups reversed energy was pointed out to me as important in the way it yields these energies. By committing to what serves our highest evolution we will soon be born anew in a way that will grant us a the freedom to pursue our hopes and dreams, as well as seeing the fruits of our labor from the previous long running cycle finally come into fruition. All of this will in some way or another also provide us with a way to connect to a greater collective evolution. The energetic sovereignty that comes with true freedom is what allows us to partake in collective efforts without fear of being consumed by the masses. And partaking in group efforts/collaborations towards higher goals provides us with the freedom we need to pursue our individual hopes and dreams. This Libra Full Moon is activating the original 1st/7th house axis, and so the Aries New Moon that kicks off eclipse season will be furthering this theme. But overall there is a vibe of moving through the birth canal into an entirely new reality of your dreams. While this waning moon period may feel like you are taking care of practical matters and dealing with outer shifts that are the prerequisite to this new beginning, the beginning is close at hand and there is light at the end of the tunnel and by eclipse season we will be in a position to kick off these new beginnings in a tangible way in earnest. Lean into the adventure of the transitional energies and take care of your physical body to best ground and center yourself as you prepare to open up to the world of your dreams — and pay close attention to the messages in your nightly dreams for important messages as well.

Golden Orange Dragon, Lead, and Heart Chakra appear to herald a time of expansion of creativity and relationships through this Full moon’s heart field activation. Lead speaks of the purging of old feeling of depression, worthlessness, loss, etc. that are arising to be released as a result of this expansion. In the wake of the energies of karmic endings, there is often such a release even if you know the emerging new beginning will be a greater experience than what you have just been through. There is also an element here of healing past grievances with people through communication or through creative projects. Have compassion for yourself as you make this profound shift and deal with all manner of emotions that may arise as a result. With Rahu’s energy being extra activated during this waning moon period, there is an element of ambitious rapid growth yielding some growing pains. So again with the Knight of Pentacles energy take your time to not rush ahead so that your foundation is strong and your results stand the test of time. In other words, channel your high ambitions into doing things well and right, versus doing them too fast — including the inner work that comes up as you make these more physical, tangible shifts.

All of that being said, this is overall a very positive movement forward that will be taking us into huge new material beginnings in our lives with the start of eclipse season. But these new beginnings will also require focus and planning for the longterm, as well as a dedication to living from your more opened heart. However, since a certain energetic balance has been achieved through the psychospiritual rebirth, there is a vibe that you will be more than able to set off on the right foot. It’s important to cultivate a beginners mind when it comes to this new venture/opportunity/commitment as this is likely something that you have not undertaken before. Meanwhile, the collective will be undergoing a profound Initiation through revelations of deep secrets. This feels connected to the Lead energy coming through, as the more light we anchor in, the more shadow that is revealed to be exposed. Consider the secrets you have been keeping from yourself and others and how through their revelation you can be an agent of deep transformation on this planet. This is also in relation to the types of secrets revealed from the heart that can open and expand your capacity for love and intimacy with another, which I also touched on earlier. Prepare to surrender to the life changing emotional alchemy and purification of the emotional body that will be transpiring within and without as we approach and move through this upcoming eclipse season due to these mass revelations, on both personal and collective levels. The New Moon in Krittika will be kicking it all off on May 11th with the agenda of burning up all that remains that is impure.

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