Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Records is an energy field that stores the vibrational imprint of every living entity in the universe. Not bound by the constraints of time and space, one can access past, present, and future potentialities of a soul’s journey within the Records. This can be a powerful way to get clarity into your soul purpose, move through blocks, and gain insight into relationships. It’s also a profound way to do deep healing work, especially ancestral and past life healing.

It’s best to approach an Akashic Records reading with a list of predetermined questions, but they can always be expounded upon in session to elaborate on what comes through. If a loved one in spirit happens to step away from the collective and offer an individual message for you, I’ll let you know.

My ultimate goal for every reading I give is for my client to leave loved, inspired, and empowered as they continue on their path in life. Asking the Akashic Records for guidance can be a great way to clear blocks and get practical steps to achieve your goals, whether immediate or long-term.

Akashic Records Reading (1 hr): $222 
I currently accept Paypal, Venmo, and Cash App.

All readings are over Zoom (domestic and international). It’s all energy, so we can connect from anywhere around the world. Recordings available upon request. To request a reading, please email me at: erinshadeoracle@gmail.com. 

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