Erin Shade

Erin Shade is an oracle, writer, mystic, shamanic practitioner, and student of metaphysics, occult science, and Nature. While she was always a sensitive and imaginative child, it wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to study Screenwriting at USC when she picked up her first tarot deck — her initial gateway to the unseen realms. After graduating with Distinction in 2012, she was led to explore her latent intuitive gifts under Hermetic Metaphysician Naha Armády. Later in 2014, she underwent a powerful kundalini awakening which inspired her to delve more deeply into her spiritual and magical pursuits, and in 2015 she began studying tarot, ceremonial magic, and crystal healing more formally under Naha. She later gained her Usui Reiki Master certification, and spent over two years honing her psychic and mediumship skills more vigorously under Medium Fleur, including an extended workshop taught alongside acclaimed British medium Tony Stockwell. In 2017, Erin’s path led her to Vedic astrology and philosophy, plant spirit medicine, and shamanic drumming, and in 2018 she underwent Red Tent Priestess training. In addition to her spiritual pursuits, Erin has written for Hollywood studios, independent producers, and on Cartoon Network’s OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes and Victor and Valentino. Her love of travel and initiations into planetary gridworking have led her to sacred sites across America and around the world. Her deep work in her personal and the collective shadows has humbled and shaped her into an instrument for divine revelation. With a reverent appreciation for learning and growing, she always looks forward to where Spirit will lead her next.