Tonight’s Full Moon is in Swati, the Self-Going Star located in Sidereal Libra. The shakti of this star is the “power to scatter like the wind and transform,” and its influence is bringing in the winds of change, as it is ruled by the deity Vayu, the God of Wind and father of the god Hanuman (whose birthday is celebrated on this day as Hanuman Jayanti). Swati is a nakshatra of independence, and so it’s only natural that the 9 of Pentacles popped out twice as I was shuffling one of my tarot decks, as this card speaks to an overall theme right now of leaning into independence, self sufficiency, and prosperity in order to form the best and strongest connections with others. This may mean shedding old ways and connections that have been preventing you from fully embodying that. But it may also mean that by doing so you then attract more like-hearted connections to you, as Libra, ruled by Venus, deals with relationships and connections of all kinds, and how to best navigate the exchanges of energy that take place in relationships (and the marketplace) to achieve balance and equanimity. In other words, this is about being your best self on your own wavelength, and allowing the universe to send who is meant to be on your wavelength with you, to you — or if you feel inspired, to initiate connections to those who you feel intuitively are on your wavelength. 

The New Moon in Revati (Sidereal Pisces) in the heavy gandanta point initiated a lunation cycle of deep karmic endings, and highlighted the collective sacral chakra, and cosmic throat and third eye chakras for activation and clearing. Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces is now in Aquarius highlighting the need to expand our knowledge and efforts into higher humanitarian causes for the greater good of the world, and so these karmic endings are being driven so that we can all meaningfully show up for this in whatever way we are meant to next. This Full Moon in Swati brings in the influence of the collective heart chakra and cosmic solar plexus chakra to harmonize those vibes and distill them into heart-centered action. Swati is like the bridge from the cosmic heart to the cosmic solar plexus, so this is putting an emphasis on having the courage to live independently in the wake of these endings and to go after our destined new beginnings through embodiment of right action that is in alignment with the heart’s wisdom. In short, the New Moon in Revati has already cleared a path –it’s up to you to take those first steps onto it now. 

Swati is heavily influenced by the Air element and the need for movement. Matters of communication and potentially even travel or moving locations are highlighted. Freedom of movement and travel is emerging in particular as a big theme in the collective. The question is, how do we reconcile this with the blocks so many are facing in the ongoing and undeniable reality of COVID? Despite the ongoing vaccination efforts (whether you subscribe to this as being legitimate or not), surges are still raging in many areas of the world and we will not be be clear of this energy for a year and some change at least. So there is some rising tension here as everyone is growing tired of the restrictions, but just because you are tired of them doesn’t make them magically go away. To cope with any restless energy you may be feeling, it will be key to find ways to move this energy by either traveling on the inner planes through things like meditation, shamanic journeying, etc., or by finding undiscovered gems in your local area that you can venture to safely. Swati ultimately wants to transform, so this isn’t about movement for the sake of movement, or communication for the sake of communication. Make your moves intentionally with a sense of firm direction to best bring forth the highest results. Just because you could go anywhere doesn’t mean you should.

Swati is a Rahu ruled nakshatra in the Vimshottari dasha system, which means that while eclipse season does not officially begin until the new moon in Krittika on May 11th (the first eclipse being the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Anuradha on May 26th), the influence of Rahu will be heavy, and will essentially be setting up the chess board for how things are going to kick off and play out during eclipse season proper. Rahu’s current transit in Rohini (Taurus) is putting an ambitious emphasis on things like food/diet (especially beef), home, emotional security, growth, and creative projects. See your Taurus house placement, Rahu placement, Venus placement, and Libra house placement for more on how all of these themes are specifically activating in your life. It also feels important to note that Venus is currently transiting Bharani in Sidereal Aries, which is reinvigorating passion through transformation and realignment with Dharma. This is a great time for a Yoni steam for those who have yonis, as well as ritually engaging in sense pleasures to connect to a higher consciousness for the purposes of spiritual purification and detoxification. Even better if you can do this with an aligned partner.

Lastly (before I get to the cards), as I am tapping in intuitively, intimacy through vulnerability comes through strong. I am shown this through the image of Hanuman opening his chest to reveal the image of Rama and Sita (Masculine and Feminine principles) in his heart. Hanuman embodies the pinnacle of devotion to order through the balance of the masculine and feminine energies. He does this by destroying all those who are in defiance of this through his allegiance to Lord Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu the preserver, as he himself is an incarnation of Shiva, the destroyer. My dreams and visions have indicated that we are now seeing an emergence of a purified Divine Masculine energy after a series of deep serpent initiations that began in February (which was also shown to me through dreams). Many Masculine energy people have been purified through this pressure into diamonds, and are now in a position to come into their full power by assuming greater responsibility as stewards of this Earth and consorts to Divine Feminine energies who are also in their power. This is showing a younger generation how to be in right alignment with Masculine energy by witnessing not only the successful navigation through these initiations, but the subsequent modeling of aligned behavior and personal integrity in the face of increasingly dark unconscious Masculine energy revelations. 

Knight of Pentacles and 4 of Cups reversed appears for the Masculine. This indicates that this Full Moon and waning moon period will be ushering in a time of steady practical progress towards that which he has finally decided deep within is the opportunity that will provide him his ultimate evolution. While the fast paced and changeable energy of Swati may make him feel like he wants to rush through the process, the Knight of Pentacles advises a slow and steady approach in order to lay the best foundation within and without. Consistency is key — better to chip away at the work a little bit every day than wait until the last second and try to do everything at once. The 4 of Cups reversed indicates that decisions of the heart have been made in order to pave the way for long much needed change. It’s important to not be in resistance to taking the worldly actions needed to facilitate this change in the material reality and get distracted by what is old news or inconsequential to where it is you are going next. Again this is about following the heart’s guidance towards what is going to be the greatest agent of your transformation and evolution. If this remains unclear to you then continue steadily doing the inner work until the revelation emerges from within. The 4 of Cups often indicates that there has been something that has been overlooked that the Universe has offered you, but that you either haven’t been paying attention, turned it down before, or were otherwise apathetic to its presence in the favor of other things. The ammonite is an ancient animal, so the issue at hand may be an old one. The solution may too be rooted in something or someone from the past. In any case this energy asks us to learn from our history so that we are not doomed to repeat the same cycle as before (which in this case may very well be missing an opportunity), so we can elevate to the next level.

Death reversed and 7 of Cups appear for the Feminine. The New Moon in Revati Gandanta point earlier this month kicked off an energy of major karmic endings that will be permeating throughout this cycle. This Full Moon comes in to say that we are cresting the wave and will be pushing ourselves through the birth canal into new life. Pay close attention to Venus’s transit through Bharani (symbolized by the yoni) as this nakshatra is ruled by Yama, the God of Death. Your Aries house likely has clues as to where this transformation is taking place, as well as your Taurus and Libra houses. Relationships of all kinds in general are experiencing profound transformations as well, as well as desires and matters connected to finances. I had a particularly potent dream about the phenomenon of parthenogenesis several days ago that feels very much in line with this energy coming through for the Feminine, which is that she is giving birth to her new self autonomously/independently, without having been penetrated by a Masculine energy force. This reproduction of the self through a high level of spiritual alignment is what has allowed for the emergence of the purified Divine Masculine energy, as it is through her dedication to higher truth that she commands his attention through her cultivation of spiritual magnetism. The 7 of Cups asks the Feminine to maintain her focus on her spiritual pursuits and her heart’s truest desire, and disregard all other distractions that may be siphoning her energy needlessly. By doing so she will effectively midwife herself through this rebirth into a brand new self, and magnetize all that she needs to her effortlessly through her embodiment of the Goddess.

Gallium appears as the connecting energy between the Masculine and the Feminine. This card embodies the energy of the Fool in the tarot, the archetype of someone who is ready to take that leap of faith into a new and exciting adventure in life. To me this indicates that the newly purified Divine Masculine is approaching the Feminine with an air of confidence despite the great unknown that awaits him on the other side. This is because he knows he is moving in the direction of his Destiny. In this image the man is offering up a sphere, a sphere that is in the exact same shape as the sphere in the center of the Death card in this particular deck (Oriens Tarot) around which 2 fish swim (representing the energy of Revati, the final nakshatra). This is the seed of a new life he is planting by coming forward. It is advisable for the Masculine to take those leaps of faith from the heart and for the Feminine to be in receptivity to all aligned offers and new beginnings that are emerging in her experience at this time. In general, this is an energy of acting from inspiration and intuition rather than the overly logical mind. Throw caution to the wind become the wind itself, and travel in the direction of your highest destiny. The image of the man on this card is also highly reminiscent of the image of Hanuman carrying and entire mountain in the palm of his hand (pictured above). Believe in the impossible, which Hanuman does again and again in the Ramayana — and watch yourself do just that.

Hive Mind, 10 of Cups, Bear reversed, and Freedom appear as powerful incoming energy. The relationship of this Death reversed energy and 4 of Cups reversed energy was pointed out to me as important in the way it yields these energies. By committing to what serves our highest evolution we will soon be born anew in a way that will grant us a the freedom to pursue our hopes and dreams, as well as seeing the fruits of our labor from the previous long running cycle finally come into fruition. All of this will in some way or another also provide us with a way to connect to a greater collective evolution. The energetic sovereignty that comes with true freedom is what allows us to partake in collective efforts without fear of being consumed by the masses. And partaking in group efforts/collaborations towards higher goals provides us with the freedom we need to pursue our individual hopes and dreams. This Libra Full Moon is activating the original 1st/7th house axis, and so the Aries New Moon that kicks off eclipse season will be furthering this theme. But overall there is a vibe of moving through the birth canal into an entirely new reality of your dreams. While this waning moon period may feel like you are taking care of practical matters and dealing with outer shifts that are the prerequisite to this new beginning, the beginning is close at hand and there is light at the end of the tunnel and by eclipse season we will be in a position to kick off these new beginnings in a tangible way in earnest. Lean into the adventure of the transitional energies and take care of your physical body to best ground and center yourself as you prepare to open up to the world of your dreams — and pay close attention to the messages in your nightly dreams for important messages as well.

Golden Orange Dragon, Lead, and Heart Chakra appear to herald a time of expansion of creativity and relationships through this Full moon’s heart field activation. Lead speaks of the purging of old feeling of depression, worthlessness, loss, etc. that are arising to be released as a result of this expansion. In the wake of the energies of karmic endings, there is often such a release even if you know the emerging new beginning will be a greater experience than what you have just been through. There is also an element here of healing past grievances with people through communication or through creative projects. Have compassion for yourself as you make this profound shift and deal with all manner of emotions that may arise as a result. With Rahu’s energy being extra activated during this waning moon period, there is an element of ambitious rapid growth yielding some growing pains. So again with the Knight of Pentacles energy take your time to not rush ahead so that your foundation is strong and your results stand the test of time. In other words, channel your high ambitions into doing things well and right, versus doing them too fast — including the inner work that comes up as you make these more physical, tangible shifts.

All of that being said, this is overall a very positive movement forward that will be taking us into huge new material beginnings in our lives with the start of eclipse season. But these new beginnings will also require focus and planning for the longterm, as well as a dedication to living from your more opened heart. However, since a certain energetic balance has been achieved through the psychospiritual rebirth, there is a vibe that you will be more than able to set off on the right foot. It’s important to cultivate a beginners mind when it comes to this new venture/opportunity/commitment as this is likely something that you have not undertaken before. Meanwhile, the collective will be undergoing a profound Initiation through revelations of deep secrets. This feels connected to the Lead energy coming through, as the more light we anchor in, the more shadow that is revealed to be exposed. Consider the secrets you have been keeping from yourself and others and how through their revelation you can be an agent of deep transformation on this planet. This is also in relation to the types of secrets revealed from the heart that can open and expand your capacity for love and intimacy with another, which I also touched on earlier. Prepare to surrender to the life changing emotional alchemy and purification of the emotional body that will be transpiring within and without as we approach and move through this upcoming eclipse season due to these mass revelations, on both personal and collective levels. The New Moon in Krittika will be kicking it all off on May 11th with the agenda of burning up all that remains that is impure.


The Collective Shadow Purge Continues, Closing Out Long Running Cycles • Major Cosmic Heart Chakra Activation • Powerful Time for Manifestation Have the Courage to Face Your Fears Evolve by Making Tangible Life Changes • Embrace the Mystery • Have Patience with the Process of Your Transformation

root: sunstone | sacral: bloodstone | solar plexus: lapis lazuli | heart: clear quartz | throat: chrysocolla | 3rd eye: cataclacite  

For full context of the energies this cycle, please read the New Moon in Purva Bhadrapada update. Those energies will still be very much at play until the next New Moon on April 11th.

The Full Moon on March 28th is in Hasta nakshatra, which is symbolized by the Hand. This asterism sits entirely in sidereal Virgo and has everything to do with manifesting one’s desires into this material earthly reality, as its Shakti is the “power to put desires into one’s hand.” In the wake of the New Moon in Purva Bhadrapada’s fiery power that precipitates intense transformations within and without, it’s likely for many a path has been cleared for these desired manifestations to come in — or at the very least, it’s granted you greater clarity on what those desires actually are and now the work can begin on bringing them into more a tangible form. The energy of this time is very much akin to the Magician in the Tarot — one who has purified their channel through spiritual practices and aligned their will with the Divine Will, which then grants them the ability to manipulate consciousness and reality and manifest the Great Work. Lean into what it is you can control (yourself and your actions) versus what you cannot (other people) in this time to yield the best results.

As I was tapping into the energies the first thing I heard was “rise up.” It’s time to open our hearts and gather together in the pursuit of higher causes. There is also power in numbers here when it comes to supporting those who are feeling called to speak their truth publicly. I also heard the words “collect call.” Since this Full Moon is activating the collective throat chakra it feels like speaking truths and exposures, as well as important heart-to-heart conversations will continue to be a major theme. This to me specifically feels like it is time for the collective to make stronger demands for what it is we deserve on a collective level — and for those who have hoarded the power and wealth to be the ones who pay for it. There is a definite vibe of breaking free from restriction and stagnation on all levels — both externally and in self imposed ways, having gone through the fire so to speak. This is also likely being triggered by this Moon’s activation of the cosmic heart chakra which is generating a deeper capacity for love and service, both to yourself and to those around you. I also heard the words “job well done.” Many may be experiencing pats on the back, congratulations, words of affirmation, and even tangible level ups connected to past performance of a high quality. This may also be connected to material manifestations finally coming in that are a result of a long period of inner work. In general there is also a vibe of memories from the past resurfacing. For some this may be connected to the ongoing theme of collective shadow transmutation of the root chakra that will be continuing throughout the waning moon period. Alternatively it may be that when these manifestations come in or through your involvement in group work you are reminded of how far you have come on your path. Celebrate your progress however big or small, expected or unexpected, in a way that nourishes you and supports you for the road ahead.

It’s worth noting that a lot of this initial channeling came in clairaudiently, which indicates that the Full Moon’s activation of the collective throat chakra may precipitate greater telepathy and clairaudient skills in those who are spiritually developing in this way. It may also activate latent talents or inclinations towards music, singing, writing, and other forms of creative self expression (with Hasta this is especially potent for things having to do with creating things tangibly with your hands). 

3 of Wands and 7 of Wands reversed appears for the Masculine. The energy of self reflection and introspection continues from the New Moon reading which emphasized this theme, as 3 of Wands indicates there has been tangible growth in this area, but there is still a need to go within to get clear on what it is he wants going forward and the concrete steps he needs to take to get there. This is an energy of planning in that respect. There is also also a desire to tap into multidimensionality and otherwise prioritize inner exploration in the face of intense energies in the outer reality. This is a solid place to be in the wake of last reading’s Hierophant vibe with ushered in a chapter of heavy awakening. It’s important to continue to prioritize spiritual practices, meditation, etc. and really lean into that energy in order to deal with drama happening in the outer reality and within the mind. With 7 of Wands reversed it’s likely many Masculines are still feeling the burn and that they are on the defense of a losing battle. This is because layers of the false self are being broken down by the light of the truth and so this is a battle that is not meant to be “won.” Unless you are certain that you are fighting for a just cause against toxic masculine forces from a place of divine neutrality and integration (as I touched on with the “rise up” vibes), lay down your weapons without and seek the truth within instead of wasting energy trying to cling on to an old identity. Resistance is futile when it comes to the toxic masculine energies of the world continuing to exist in the ways they have in the past. While this egoic death is uncomfortable to experience, there is a knowing within many masculines that this is serving their highest evolution. Lean into that and embrace your transformation.

The Moon and Strength reversed appears for the Feminine. This heralds a time of profound testing and initiation for the Feminine as she is asked to transmute deep shadows within the self and face her fears without. I mentioned in the previous reading that the collective shadow drain would likely peak and intensify more around the Full Moon and waning moon period and this is basically what that looks like to me in the cards. For those on a shamanic path and/or doing extensive gridwork around the collective shadow especially it is imperative that you lean on your spiritual support at this time and trust your intuition and where it’s guiding you. Feminines in general will likely be feeling extra sensitive emotionally and in the physical body so self care is key. Remember that Spirit never gives you anything you can’t handle and that you have the strength to see this process through. Magic and mystery are in the air as greater clarity will be coming to you in this time, though it may paradoxically only add to the greater mystery. There is a definite “going down the rabbit hole” vibe of surreality and weirdness at play that may make people go “uhhhhh WHAT?” The simulation is breaking. Pay close attention to your dreams as many will be transmuting a hefty amount in the dream state and you may get some deep codes from there that can be helpful in your process. To see the Moon card pop up in this Full Moon reading to me indicates the themes of Purva Bhadrapada & Hasta are going to be particularly relevant for the Feminine in this latter half of the cycle. Hasta is also a Moon-ruled nakshatra, so if you are particularly sensitive to the Moon’s energies, it may be worth it to you to keep track of its movements through the nakshatras for the rest of the waning moon period, as this may prove helpful in your process. The next New Moon is in Revati, the 27th and final nakshatra. So there is a bit of a “final countdown” vibe coming through with this here. But overall, this is a time to take heart-centered action on your dreams despite the fears and uncertainties that are trying to hold you back, and to lean into the infinite possibilities available to you in the unknown.

Astatine appears from the Prima Materia deck as the connecting energy between the Masculine and Feminine. This card has everything to do with the energy of mystery and the great unknown. It seems that we are collectively on the precipice of an entirely unprecedented time where the only way through is to embrace the reality of constant change. It’s also a card of imagination and spirit, which again speaks to the limitless possibilities found in the unknown and how we are being called to lean into the power of our visionary capacity to bring forth entirely new paradigms of being into physical form. 

6 of Cups reversed and Bear reversed appear for the incoming energy. With the 6 of Cups reversed this speaks to the vibe that I mentioned in the channeling of of memories from the past resurfacing to be processed and cleared. This may even be memories from past lives. Take care to witness and unconditionally love what arises but to not cling onto what has been. There is a letting go that needs to happen here. This card also suggests that in the wake of the shadow purge we have been going through there is a liberation of sexual energy happening, particularly in Feminine energy people (though it can apply to anyone) as this has to do with being unbound from the vampirism of patriarchal control matrices. Take care to direct this sexual energy in ways that will serve you and your goals and not deplete you or leave you scattered. This is the lesson the unconscious feminine must learn in order to clear any hooks that unconscious masculine energies can use to lock into her field. This card also suggests an overall emphasis on the emotional body. Consider taking extra spiritual baths, stay hydrated, and consider other ways you can take advantage of the water element to assist in your healing. Bear reversed signifies that the impulse to come out of hibernation is there but it is going to take some willpower to get the momentum going. This is a great time to gently but firmly challenge yourself to align more with your truth in a tangible way, especially when it comes to cultivating new routines and structures in order to facilitate your new beginning. Bear is also connected to dreams. Take care to cultivate a healthy sleep schedule and write down your dreams to track your progress and messages you may receive that are important on your path. A great remedy for this energy reversed is physical exercise. Take walks in nature to ground or start back up in your yoga practice or something like that to counter any inclinations towards sloth and stagnancy.

Emptiness from the Galactic Heritage deck and Transformation from the Beyond Lemuria deck appear as incoming energy for the Masculine. Emptiness is the final card in this deck, so this is a potent time for the Masculine as he closes major, long-running cycles out in his experience. This is the grand finale of polarity integration where all opposites become neutralized. It’s likely through his inner process greater self awareness is crystallizing which is precipitating these tangible endings, though outer reality events likely catalyzed him into it all at the beginning of the cycle. Due to the immensity of the ego death and layer shedding it’s likely he will start to feel much lighter as the waning moon goes on, though the transformation is ongoing. Those who are in resistance to this process may be inclined to identify with the dark and gloomy feeling of being “like nothing,” whereas those who understand its value will embrace becoming No-thing. Some Masculines may be experiencing such heightened states of consciousness like Samadhi, or they may start to feel like Neo waking up in the Matrix or something. Your mileage may vary lol. Either way, this is a powerful transformation. The Masculine is evolving because the Goddess demands it. 

Primal Fear from the Galactic Heritage deck and Trust Your Innocence from the Beyond Lemuria deck appear as incoming energies for the Feminine. Like I touched upon with the previous cards, the Feminine is facing her fears and a lot will be surfacing and/or triggered to be purged in this area. Become fearless by acknowledging that love is the truth. Understand that this experience is midwifing your transformation into a warrior. Step courageously into the unknown and trust in yourself and your inner guidance from the heart, which is not the same as fear-based paranoia. Remember that not everything that comes up is the actual reality of the situation. But at the same time, this is a time for radical self-honesty so be real with yourself. It is also signifying a major cycle ending as this card is number 28 which reduces to 10 which reduces to 1. So there is a connection to be made here in which the Feminine’s shadow work around her fears is directly fueling the Masculine’s awakening and polarity integration. The Emptiness card is 108 in the deck, which is a sacred number has a deep connection to the Moon card as well. So it’s likely the Masculine will be feeling a lot of this fear stuff arise within his own inner Feminine. It’s also worth it to consider how all of this applies to the a Masculine within yourself and how any relationships in your life are reflecting this dynamic. But most of all, it’s important lean into self care of the nervous system and spiritual practices.

Blossoming & Rose Pink Dragon appear as overall messages encouraging us to be patient with and radically trust the process of our transformation, as we are only just getting started in our new beginnings. Lean into self love and open up to the love of others and of the universe as the Cosmic Heart chakra is strongly activated and opened in the Collective. Practice giving and receiving, as Hasta has a lot to do with this aspect of the Cosmic Heart. Get clear on your desires and intentions for your new start, and remember that you have the power to create your own reality. This is a powerful time for manifestations of all kinds, and it’s likely that as we approach the New Moon in Revati on April 11, there will be an epic “phoenix rising from the ashes vibe” in the air.


JUSTICE IS SERVED: A Massive Collective Shadow Purge is Underway via Revelations of Deep Secrets as the Masculine is Heavily Initiated by the Feminine • Engage in Self Care as Toxicity is Intensely Excreted, Karmic Cycles Come to Completion, & A New Consciousness is Birthed • A Rapid Acceleration & Integration is Nigh.

I was shown in a dream earlier this week that the Serpents are initiating the boys to become Kings. This is particularly potent with this Full Moon taking place in Sidereal Leo, the sign of Kings. This initiation has to do with them finally assuming their responsibility and role as guardians of this planet, as well as raising their vibration to a higher and more harmonious level through music. Remember that we all have the Masculine energy within us, so even if you are more of a Feminine energy person, you may be experiencing this initiation through your Masculine energy, especially if you are are going through a period of deep integration of your inner Masculine essence. This is a powerful portal for us all, as with the Sun now in Aquarius there is a general emphasis on sacrificing the ego to be in service to higher truth, humanity, and the planet itself. 

This is also a time of transition, and a system reboot for many. In the spirit of this, it’s a good time for a detox of house and home and in general a self care reset for mind and body as well. I have also been shown that happy days / holidays are here again for some. In addition to self care, take time to pursue things that spark joy in your life, especially things connected to the arts, entertainment, writing, and sense pleasures such as sex. Purva Phalguni is a sensual nakshatra presided over by Venus and is symbolized by the fruit of the tree and the front half of the marriage bed. So enjoying the finer things in life is encouraged for the sake of rejuvenation and reconnecting to the body, especially in otherwise difficult times like these. Creative pursuits are also highly encouraged for the sake of the love of creation, as the shakti of Purva Phalguni is that of the power of procreation. Tangentially to this, I have also been shown to be open to receive abundance from source. Purva Phalguni is ruled by Bhaga, the god of prosperity. So for many it is time to open up to receive the fruits of their labor. The kings on the other hand are being asked to learn to give freely, embodying the role of the Sun.

I was also shown ancient relics resurfacing, and a kind of dinosaur energy. To me this speaks to the notion of bringing back stuff from the past for new life. This can even manifest as past life abilities coming back online. But of course this may also be about past life karmas clearing in a major way. We may even literally see some profound discoveries in the realm of archaeology or history, things like that. 

The last thing I was shown in my initial channeling is a massive cleansing and clearing of the Earth Grid that will be expunging yet more collective shadow material for transmutation. This may seem intense and shocking. But it is being revealed to be witnessed and healed so we may continue to ascend in our consciousness. People have the choice to resist this process and get burned by the fires of transmutation that will be fast approaching by mid month with the New Moon in Purva Bhadrapada on March 13th. Or they may actively run into the night and embrace this process for personal and collective growth and empowerment to create new systems from the destruction this will leave in its wake. After all, it takes the poison to make the cure. I have been shown that working with the Dragons is encouraged for those in resonance or active communion with the Dragon energy.

The Masculine is under heavy initiation at this time as Queen of Wands appears reversed, jolting him from complacency and forcing him to radically face the shit he has manifested in his life due to his unintegrated shadow. This is necessary as his outer reality demands restorative justice and all lies within the soul to be exposed and seen for what they are. For Masculines of a lower consciousness, this is likely to be a painful process as no stone will be left unturned and life will arrange for karmic clapbacks from past misdeeds. For Masculines of a higher consciousness, the pressure will still be heavy and there may be a bit of a slump in self confidence, but your outer reality will flourish with gains from past good karmas as things balance out. For those on the ascending path who get hit by some unsavory karmas from another incarnation or something of the sort, trust it is all leading you in the right direction: liberation from the wheel of samsara. Spiritual practices, exploring wisdom teachings, and educating yourself on restorative justice practices and healing work are encouraged in order to navigate the heavy initiatory energy and maintain energetic balance in this volatile process. Relationships with Feminine energies and people in your life will serve as a mirror for how well you are navigating the Goddess initiation you are moving through as she deems who is worthy and who is failing. All Masculines are asked to have courage and practice humility by sacrificing the maladapted ego to best navigate this challenging process and pass this initiation. Trust that by consistently aligning with truth and justice — which is to know we are all one and that all is love and acting from that place — will reorient you to your most optimal Destiny Timeline when consciously embodied. Remember that all shadow material that is successfully transmuted at this time is ultimately serving your growth and expansion of your soul and ability to be a clear channel for the divine will on earth. For many this comes back to empowerment and what it means to be truly in your power. Masculines who have abused their power will be learning difficult lessons about what power truly is — and the responsibilities that come with it. The Kings that are deemed worthy will be entering into greater states of empowerment through this shadow transmutation process. This responsibility comes with taking on more of the collective shadow of toxic masculinity and patriarchy as we move into the next stage of the collective ascension process. This also includes greater efforts of individual and collective restorative justice practices and making amends for past mistakes. Know that by the end of this cycle and throughout the month of March, Justice will be served.

The Feminine is under heavy pressure as well during this waning moon cycle as 10 of Wanda appears indicating major, heavy karmic cycles are coming to completion. This is very much the energy of the Capricorn stellium that kicked off this cycle that is entering into an intense climax as more truths are revealed and profound shifts and changes rock her life and the world as a result of divine timing. With 7 of Wands also appearing, she will likely be feeling as if she is in a battle for her life and her future, and even the future of humanity as the shadow work will likely feel incredibly intense due to the heaviness of the toxic masculinity purge and initiation the Masculine is going through. Self care, especially focused on the root chakra and sacral chakra and matters pertaining to these chakras, is essential for the Feminines at this time as the Masculine’s battles are not hers to fight. This process will be greatly accelerating the spiritual development of the Feminine as it is simply through her raw being that the toxic masculine purge is being initiated. The prominent eclipse energy featured on the 10 of Wands calls back to the eclipse stories of late November and December 2020 in Rohini and Jyeshtha. Pay special close attention to when the Moon transits the eclipse axis on March 4th and 5th when Moon transits sidereal Scorpio triggering the eclipse stories, particularly the December 14th eclipse in Jyestha which is precipitating the intense detox and falls from grace of patriarchal control systems and people with power and influence in society who uphold these toxic systems. The good news is that there is an evolution that will be happening here and while it will likely be intense it will also likely bring some relief in the aftermath — though there is definitely a rapid integration that will be happening here as well.

Arsenic appears as the connecting energy indicating very overtly and intensely the nature of this Full Moon and waning moon period is a massive purge of toxic masculinity from the grid. Again, this will feel very much like a death for the Masculines, and has a poisonous, devil energy vibe. It is important to practice spiritual discernment at this time in terms of how this energy is manifesting within yourself and in your life, as we all contain the Masculine energy within us regardless of our personal gender and sexual identities. Remember the world is our mirror and to resist judging what arises but instead use this energy to detox yourself and practice unconditional love for the process that we must move through to birth this new consciousness for humanity on this planet. In this image there is a cage around the skull of this individual representing Arsenic. To me this is about examining what toxic mental patterns and programs that are keeping you stuck in old, toxic ways that are no longer serving you and releasing them. It also is reminiscent of the imagery of the Earth grid itself, and how we must radically expose the corruption and rotten core of the patriarchal control systems that are desperately clinging on for dear life at this point, and are much weaker than they present themselves to be. The toxicity will be more transparent than ever before. But at the same time, remember there is much happening beneath the surface, more perhaps than meets the eye. So again, go within to know the truth and don’t simply rely on appearances to best navigate this passage.

While I was shuffling my Galactic Heritage Deck, several cards jumped out. I knew it was a strong message from spirit, so I kept all 7 of them and laid them out in the order they fell out in. New Consciousness appears first indicating that despite the outer chaos of this shadow purge, it is serving as a revelatory energy to usher in the birth of a new consciousness. An outer revolution of our current global circumstances can only happen when a revolution occurs within our hearts and minds. This is what is happening now as exposures catalyze breaks front the status quo. We are being asked to open our hearts and learn to nurture ourselves, others, and our planet in a new way as a huge part of the patriarchal detox is detoxing its anti-life systems such as capitalism, abuse of technology, colonialism, and more. Again, Secrecy appears as an overt message around the nature of the toxic masculine detox as secrets old and new are drastically brought to light to be transmuted. Some of these secrets may come as no surprise. But others will likely rock the world. This is the only past card in this spread of cards which indicates to me the deep reach these secrets have to the past, the karmic nature of what is happening at this time, and how the light of these truths is of radical importance as we recalibrate our consciousness to a higher level. More and more people will be emboldened to speak their truths as a matter of self care and healing. Protectiveness appears as an indication of what is being learned from this process, which is that the truth and those who speak it must be protected at all costs and that our role as humans on this planet is to be guardians and protectors of life, not vampires and villains who seek to exploit it for personal gain. It’s also a reminder for the Feminine that it is not her job to protect the Masculine from the consequences of his past actions. Allow him to shoulder some of the heavy load, as it is not all yours to carry. Energy transmission suggests that there will be a massive influx of lightcodes and spiritual transmissions being distributed in the wake of these truths, or perhaps by the truth tellers themselves that will be ushering in an rapid acceleration of growth for human consciousness. The result are the cards Leaving Home and Returning Our Parts Home. Perhaps these two cards seem contradictory. But in reality they are complimentary. By finding the home within ourselves and not in an external circumstance we can remember that we have always been whole. It is also an encouragement to leave all that is not serving you behind, and in doing so, to trust the unknown as we embark on a new and untreaded path.

For the incoming energy, 8 of Wands yet again highly emphasizes the energy of rapid and extreme acceleration of energies and integration of all that we have undergone throughout this Dhanishtha/Purva Phalguni lunation cycle. Earthworm reversed indicates a fresh start for new life brewing in the mud, and encourages us to return to a beginner’s mind as we navigate this uncharted territory. Internal Explorer emphasizes the energy of the Hermit as we are rendered inward to undergo this integration and explore the newly unlocked vistas of consciousness that have been ushered in through this purging and expansion process. It also encourages us to lean into the flow state, especially as it pertains to the emerging new beginnings which may be giving rise to some doubts and insecurities. It’s best to drop out of the mind and allow yourself to go with the flow, trusting that everything will come together through this practice of embracing the process instead of trying to think your way to the end result. There is also an element here of major dot connecting, downloads, and insights happening that will serve to help jumpstart this process and that when you tap into your meditative states through spiritual practices it will all crystallize through an organic unfoldment. All that’s required of you is to show up for it.

In the wake of this cycle we will be experiencing a radical paradigm shift that will be asking us to leave conflict behind, especially mental conflict, as we move into a period of self care, inner peace, spiritual advancement, and divine prophecy. We are being asked to lovingly ask ourselves where we can afford to expand and push beyond our preconceived limits without sacrificing our health and wellbeing, and to make inner peace our priority while doing so. Allow yourself to be divinely guided. Communication will also be key as the Air element highlights the New Moon in Purva Bhadrapada (Sidereal Aquarius) on March 13th, which will be activating the higher humanitarian ideals of Aquarius and asking us to consider how our personal new chapter will be benefitting and contributing to the new chapter of the whole. There will likely be an emerging focus on networking, group work, collective problem solving, and creative projects that will take many people to put together and accomplish as the radical dissolution of old patriarchal systems requires an equally radical creation of new ones from this higher level of consciousness. The karmic clearing is likely to continue intensely throughout March as Aquarius is the other side of the collective root chakra and Saturn’s heavy influence in Capricorn as the depositor will be dominating that cycle once more. Purva Bhadrapada is an intense asterism that will be a trial by fire, especially for those stubbornly committed to injustice and untruth. Outer conflict will likely still be happening as a reflection of what is being karmically purged. But the collective 3rd eye and cosmic heart chakra activation of this Full Moon in Purva Phalguni will be bringing a nice new perspective heading into it that will greatly assist in the process for those who are fully committed to the spiritual path of ascension and willing to cross the abyss for the sake of their liberation.