PREPARE FOR LAUNCH: Divine Masculine Spiritual Awakening Begets Quest for Higher Truth • Use Heart Discernment to Understand Messages in Heavy Mirroring with Outer Reality • Transmute Fears & Doubts as the Intense Purge of the Collective Shadow & Root Chakra Continues • Revelations of Deep Secrets Shock the World • Go Within to Discern Right Actions to Prepare for New Beginnings by the Equinox / Full Moon • Step into Greater Empowerment, Manifestations, Collaborations, Level Ups, & Expansion by Using the Power of Your Voice Dance!

root: amazonite & smokey quartz | sacral: tree agate | solar plexus: pink tourmaline | heart: dragonsblood jasper | throat: morganite | 3rd eye: amazonite

Purva Bhadrapada is ruled by the deity Aja Ekapada, the one-footed serpent, who is a form of Rudra/Shiva. Aja Ekapada’s stormy temperament can shock people like lightning with sudden revelations or tower moments that change everything. This is how it works its shakti, the power to raise a person’s spiritual (evolutionary) level. Incidentally, it also tends to bring actual thunderstorms. It did so back in March 2019 here in LA the last time there was a New Moon in Purva Bhadrapada, and it has again this year as well. This asterism is symbolized by the Two Faced Man, as well as the front 2 legs of the funeral cot. The imagery of the funeral cot indicates the death necessary to achieve final liberation (moksha). This also indicates to me the notion that mass death (literal and systemic) and conversations around our relationship to death will be a big theme in the collective throughout this lunation cycle. The imagery of the Two Faced Man has already begun to appear to me in dreams and in readings, and there is a twofold meaning here. The first has to do with the masks of tragedy and comedy, and how we can hold these dual perspectives by finding the humor in challenging experiences — and conversely, how to get serious if one is being overly dismissive of real issues and using comedy from an unintegrated place to escape dealing with the gritty shadow work process. The other side to this is dealing with energies of “two-faced” deceit and duplicity. It’s likely more exposures of the collective shadow will be coming in hot as the fiery power of this star burns away impurities and illusions while the real truth remains (especially since this New Moon is conjunct transiting Neptune). It’s safe to say that the best thing we can do to prepare is to expect the unexpected. Since this portion of Purva Bhadrapada is located in the collective root and cosmic root, and its depositors by rashi and nakshatra (Saturn and Jupiter respectively) are transiting Capricorn (other side of the collective root), the heavy hand of Saturn, the ongoing Capricorn stellium story of the past couple of months (peaking February 9-11), and the overall collective shadow/root chakra purge remains incredibly strong and intense. Purva Bhadrapada is the nakshatra that bridges Aquarius and Pisces. This new moon is taking place in the Aquarius portion (pada 3). Pada 3 is Gemini navamsa, ruled by Mercury, yet again emphasizing the Air element, the spirit of curiosity, communication, and the mainstream media, as well as the twin motif. We may be seeing on a greater level how the detox of the mainstream media and through the media is precipitating major spiritual awakenings and level ups among the masses, as well as an impulse toward collective action and unionization. Comedy and humor is again also emphasized as a way of cutting the tension and seeing serious or otherwise dramatic events in your life from a lighter perspective. Dancing is also highly encouraged, as this nakshatra is also connected to the Nataraja aspect of Shiva, the Divine Dancer. Dancing is a great way to move stagnant energy out and navigate and lean into the intensity these types of intense changes this nakshatra can bring forth in your inner and outer reality. As an aside, if you deal with issues pertaining to your feet or are involved in risky activities that can affect your feet take extra care this cycle.

In the aftermath of this past lunation cycle’s energies, the Masculine is undergoing a significant awakening, and now the energy of Purva Bhadrapada is taking him to a higher spiritual level. 9 of Wands appears indicating that because of this he may be encountering a kind of intense stalemate energy as karmic cycles are nearing completion in his life and he is beginning to vibrate into a higher experience. There is a need here to make the final push to close this shit out. This card also indicates to me a heavy mirroring happening, particularly dealing with things the Masculine may not want to face. At the same time, there is a beneficial side to this mirroring as well in terms of what he could and is becoming, and the Masculine is asked to explore both for balance. There are many opportunities for growth and change when this energy is taken face on as a whole. This energy also represents the two-faced energy of Purva Bhadrapada and how this can be seen playing out in energy dynamics that mirror “predator vs. prey” or even the “cat and mouse” archetype. Claire Nakti in her research has connected Purva Bhadrapada to the archetype of the Femme Fatale, which may also be popping up as a reflection of this kind of dynamic, too. If you have prominent placements in Purva Bhadrapada (especially the Aquarius portion) her video on it may be worth checking out for you this cycle. In general, it’s advised for the Masculine to consider the ways he hasn’t been in his integrity in the past and how he can show up to play his role in the cosmic play that is in alignment with his full authenticity (or perhaps the ways he has been the prey of predator energy too). He is also encouraged to stay the course and not give up before the cycles he is completing fully close out. The fire will be burning hot for the Masculines, but they will be stronger for it. Hierophant appears as a powerful omen of spiritual evolution for the Masculine. Triangles pop up on both of these cards, emphasizing the power of spiritual fire of Purva Bhadrapada. The ram is strong on this card in particular, signifying that the fiery energy of Mars is playing a major role, as well as it is transiting Taurus and rapidly approaching a critical karmic conjunction with Rahu in Rohini nakshatra on March 26. Consider your sidereal Taurus house placement for greater detail on where this action is taking place and how it’s manifesting in your experience right now. Rohini is ruled by Brahma and has the power of creation, so there is a massive activation of ambitious and massive creation that is about to take place with this conjunction. This is welcome energy in the face of so much systemic death. In general, Masculines are advised to place extra effort into their mediation practices, spiritual development, and pursuit of higher wisdom/ancient wisdom teachings and traditions at this time in order to facilitate the culmination of these karmic cycles over the course of the next month. There is a motivation here to seek the truth within and without, and to do whatever it takes to get it. This mirrors the desire of Purva Bhadrapada which is to “gain the radiance and splendor of spiritual knowledge.” Lean into this, Masculines, and you will go far. The Hierophant also calls into focus systems thinking in general, and how by understanding the systemic rot were are in we can also cultivate and hold a vision for new systems, synthesizing what works from ancient traditions and connecting to Source to bring forth updated information and creations that can take us into the new age. Tangentially, many may also be driven to explore the power and secrets of ancient pyramid technology in a new or deeper way. This is because rebuilding a network of pyramids across the globe and restoring old pyramids is a critical part of anchoring the new consciousness to the Earth. Due to the ongoing purge happening with the Earth grid this cycle, this may be of extra relevance to those working in these areas.

The Fool reversed and 2 of Swords appear for the Feminine. This indicates the Feminine is in a bit of a holding pattern as she awaits more clarity and information that will allow her make the decisions necessary to burst forth in her desired new beginnings that are already taking shape in the astral plane and are awaiting full manifestation in the 3D. The Full Moon is depicted on the 2 of Swords card which indicates that the Full Moon in Hasta on March 28th will bring this desired clarity that will allow her to make the decisions she needs to make to get this new chapter in her life started. That being said, there will likely be pertinent answers and movement that will be giving the shape of things to come by the Equinox on March 20th as well. The Fool reversed card in this deck depicts a baby turtle breaking free from its egg. This indicates that the new start is being gestated, but that Feminines may be frustrated by the slow pace it’s taking to fully come into form or that the information and clarity she needs to begin is not coming to her as quickly as she desires. Resist the temptation to force your new beginning before the time is just right. Divine timing is very much at play right now. In a dream the other night I gave a blue robin’s egg to someone I hold dear to me. He accidentally broke the egg when he was handling it. In Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry, Meghan and Harry gifted Oprah eggs from their chicken coop. The repeating image of the egg stands out to me as an important omen signifying new beginnings coming in with the Spring Equinox, especially as it pertains to matters of the communication, the media, and relationships of all kinds (but especially with Masculine energies, including your own relationship to your inner Masculine). The sign of Libra is represented on the 2 of Swords card suggesting an emphasis on relationships and overall energy of justice and balance that the Equinox is bringing in. While the Feminine awaits greater clarity she is advised to align with whatever will keep her in a state of divine neutrality and equanimity while moving through the collective shadow purge and integration process. For some it’s also worth investigating if indecision is rooted in doubts and fears that are on their way out as opposed to the notion of needing more information. Consider what your intuition is telling you devoid of any material facts, and also what can do with what information you do have to prepare for your new beginning, like detoxing living spaces, laying any bare bones groundwork to spring forward off of (literally). But most of all take it slow and steady and make time for rest as this is likely to be an intense shadow purge.

Speaking of which, Arsenic appears for the second update in a row emphasizing the continued epic excretion of shadow material from the grid (especially as it pertains to toxic masculinity/white supremacy and its various systemic manifestations like imperialism, capitalism, etc.). This is very much about letting go of fears and doubts, as well as understanding the scope of the systemic death that we are in and the necessity of it in order for us to move forward as a species. Have courage, as you are asked to face your fears and shadows and transmute them to light. Everyone is advised to take it easy when it comes to what food you eat — like favor easy to digest foods and you’ll thank yourself later. This is especially relevant for people with prominent sidereal Taurus, Capricorn, and Aquarius placements. In general the Mars/Rahu conjunction story has a lot coming up around diet and food in the collective, so if you are feeling led to change your diet follow your inner guidance on that. Matters of security, especially connected to house and home are also highlighted. Much like last month, a lot of this shadow purge will be happening through the mainstream media and social media. It will also be happening for many through dreams on the astral plane. Given how raw it was for me personally in this past waning moon period in terms of things I was witnessing on the astral (a lot of child sexual abuse stuff in the collective shadow, for example) it’s important to use discernment when you see these things play out in the dream state, as what you see may be toxic waste on its way out and not an indication of what is literally percolating down into the 3D. Like, fecal matter is not the same thing as the food you eat in the same way a creepy karmic clearing dream, nightmares purging personal fears, or even dark occult interference is not the same as a regular symbolic or prophetic dream. Similarly, when it comes to mirroring, consider that what is being mirrored back to you could be a fear asking to be witnessed and transmuted, or energy of an old shit, and not the actual truth of your present situation. Anywho, sorry for all of the poo metaphors but that is pretty much what we are dealing with this month: our collective shit. I recommend reading the previous update for greater context.

Silver popped out of the Prima Materia deck as well as I was shuffling another deck. I took this as an indication that Spirit had another message it wanted to give us another message from this deck to lighten things up after all the Arsenic toxicity. Interestingly, the image on this card is yet again reminiscent of the imagery of the Two-Faced Man and the mirroring on the 9 of Wands card from my Serpentfire deck. This card gives off a vibe to me that in the wake of all the purging the collective is going to go through a massive spiritual upgrade when it comes to psychic and telepathic abilities. Silver is associated with the moon, so take care to be receptive to intuitive hits and insights especially as the Full Moon in Hasta approaches. I’m also getting a Twin Flames vibe with this energy. Purva Bhadrapada is also called “The Burning Pair” representing the type of energy this path evokes as it rapidly renders those on it towards total annihilation of duality within the self. Some may be embarking on the Twin Flame journey this cycle, others may be reaching Union with their Twin Flame after karmic completions shift people into their new chapters. Others may be ending a relationship as a part of a karmic ending, especially if it’s connected to the ending of an ancestral karmic cycles. Overall, the main message of this card is the heavy mirroring. Take care to notice the signs, messages, omens, and reflections appearing to you in your outer reality and go within to discern what they mean for you on your path.

Alone Time appears for the Masculine indicating that in conjunction with the Hierophant he needs to and is likely feeling much more inclined to spend time by himself to focus on inner work, meditation, and spiritual development. This is encouraged so that he can understand what this purge is bringing up for him and how he can move through this energy with as much purpose and strength that he can in order to close out these cycles. Meanwhile, Masculine Principle appears for the Feminine. This indicates that the Feminine is undergoing a major integration of Masculine energy in her experience, so much so that she should really take both portions of this initial part of the reading into account equally (if you don’t already do this). This is emphasized as the Libra symbol of balance appears for her and the duality of the two of Swords is represented. In other words, as the Spring Equinox approaches, the Feminine will likely be entering into greater levels of inner Divine Union. Take care as you will be experiencing the Masculine purge in your own way. Consider the ways in which you perpetuate toxic masculine dynamics in your own life and how you can move out of that energy with your impending new beginning. 9 of Swords reversed and Frog appear as the incoming energy indicating a purification of the sacral chakra will be coming in the aftermath of the initial root purge. This is due to the sun’s transit into Pisces shortly after the New Moon on the 14th. This cleansing will be felt moreso in the emotional body and pertain to matters connected to relationships, sex, finances, and creativity. Taking spiritual baths is encouraged to help this process as is conscious crying and having heart to heart conversations that can help to heal and evolve your affected relationships. There are upgrades to be had here.

Lastly, Communication Co-Creation appears for the Masculine and Radical Expansion appears for the Feminine. This indicates that in the aftermath of this epic purge, an equally epic expansion will be taking place as a result of communication and/or collaborations happening between people and groups of people, especially in realms connected to communication, the media, and social media. The Feminine’s embodiment of her authentic expression as indicated by her card will precipitate communication from the Masculine and bring in Radical Expansion and Co-Creation that both will benefit from. And the creations that are birthed from these collaborations will have a massive impact on the evolution of consciousness. Many of these creations will be assisting either directly or indirectly with the clearing of the Earth Grid on grander levels as well. Radical Expansion has a lot to do with using the power of your voice and stepping into greater levels of empowerment by being willing to take up space. Now is not the time for the Feminine to play small. Own your power, dream big, and be unapologetically you and your reality will shift to accommodate your new vibration. Some Feminines may see their star rise quite suddenly as they become more visible in the public eye. The Communication Co-Creation card also deals with the telepathy vibe I was picking up earlier and the notion that we can communicate with others through dreams, light language, our psychic facilities, and even through art, and speaks of the power of the word. Take care to listen deeply when communicating and to choose your own words wisely. Affirmations are a powerful practice at this time, especially connected to manifestation. Overall it’s bound to be an exciting time by the Full Moon in Hasta which is symbolized by the Hand and deals with the power to manifest your desires and goals. It’s connected to the cosmic heart chakra and the collective throat chakra indicating the massive expansion coming in with the Full Moon is going to be revolving primarily around these chakras, especially heart-to-heart conversations. Hasta is also connected to writing, communication, and anything related to literal handiwork. and is symbolized by the buffalo. The image of the buffalo/bison appears on the 9 of Wands card indicating that when the Masculine finally breaks his internal stalemate with himself and decides what he really wants from the heart, he can courageously use his voice to communicate speak his heart’s desires into being quite easily and quickly by the Full Moon on March 28th. I will have more on this Full Moon as we get closer to that portal.

Lastly, Athena appears as the Goddess energy for this lunation cycle. This card first and foremost asks us to go within to seek the truth. Lean on your intuition this month and take care to use discernment when navigating these shadow purging energies, both within and without. It’s very much time to lean into the spiritual warrior energy in that sense. Combined with the Hierophant energy and Dragon energy represented on the Radical Expansion card this is a time of great spiritual and psychic development as well, so take care to use spiritual protection when necessary, work closely with your guides, and be aware that your 3rd eye and psychic faculties will likely be getting massively upgraded in some way.

In the wake of these energies, because the 3rd eye will be expanded, more shadow material will be revealed. This suggests to me that somewhat like this past cycle, the revelatory intensity may peak in the 2nd half of the cycle in the waning moon period (especially when it comes to nightmares and secrets coming to light). There is also likely to be a feeling of some reservation or intimidation around what the greater spiritual empowerment means in terms of the greater responsibility being asked of you. It’s more important than ever to stay in your integrity — especially in contrast to what is being revealed. Some people may individually come into secrets and knowledge that are meant to be kept occulted from the masses and feel conflicted by that given the overall energy of mass exposures. Others may be feeling fears come up around finally manifesting what they want and facing the reality of eventually losing it — which is of course inevitable in the progress of time. However, beyond all of this the vibe of emerging from hibernation for a new beginning. Alongside this there is a new level of equanimity and peace that is readily available to you when you drop out of the mind. And of course, there is the enjoyment of your hard-earned alchemical gold found by staying anchored in the present moment.