Intuitive Tarot Readings

My tarot readings are a synthesis of my abilities as an Oracle and a 12-card tarot spread. To start every reading I first call in your guides, connect with your energy, and begin receiving clairsentient, claircognizant, clairvoyant, and clairaudient impressions. I then use the cards to give you a clearer picture of what energies are at play in your past, present, and future potentialities. From there, I combine the modalities as we get to the root of the issue(s) you’re currently facing, bring clarity to the present situation, and discern what steps you can take to further your personal growth and co-create your best life with the Universe. 

While I seek to give you that which your soul needs most in the moment, I’m happy to delve into any untapped areas you may have in mind after my initial impressions. Within 24 hours of your reading, I will email you a photo of your tarot spread for your personal reflection and meditation. Please note that my readings definitely have a motivational/coaching vibe, as opposed to me simply telling you what’s going to happen. My ultimate goal for every reading I give is for my client to leave loved, inspired, and empowered as they continue on their path in life.

Intuitive Tarot Reading (1 hour): $222

I currently accept Paypal, Venmo, and Cash App.

All readings are over Zoom (domestic and international). It’s all energy, so we can connect from anywhere around the world. Recordings available upon request. To request a reading, please email me at: 

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