Whether it’s because I got a reading from them, studied under them, or otherwise connected with them at some point along my winding path, I can personally attest to the abilities of the amazing people on this page. In gratitude, I link their services below for you all to check out. Blessings!

Naha Armády
Tarot Reader, Healer, & Founder of 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts

Marisa Moris
Spiritual Intuitive & Clairvoyant Healer

Medium Fleur 
Psychic Medium

Surya Spa
Authentic Ayurveda

Marilyn Alauria
Psychic Medium, Teacher, & Mentor

SethEliot Santoro
Psychic Medium, Speaker, & Author

Erin Somerset
Western Reiki Master-Teacher & Jikiden Reiki Shihankaku

Maja D’Aoust
Witch of the Dawn

Tony Stockwell
Psychic Medium (UK)

Gigi Young
Intuitive Consultant & YouTuber

Andrew Martin
Energy Intuitive & YouTuber

Colby Psychic Rebel
Psychic Medium

Maryam Hasnaa
New Earth Mystery School

Megan LeFey
Tarot Reader

Sue Kovacs
Medium & Shamanic Practitioner

Helen Vonderheide
Akashic Records Reader & Teacher